COCO DO VALE Coconut Milk 200g

COCO DO VALE Coconut Milk 200g

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*BBD 29.02.24* Coconut milk, glass bottle 200ml. This is a top quality product, made by Coco do Vale. 

The product can become solid at low temperatures. To restore the product to its original liquid state, shake the bottle well, place in a warm bath or place in the microwave for up to 20 seconds

Ingredients: coconut pulp, water, maltodextrin, sucrose, preservative E211 E202, acidifier E330, thickener E466, stabilizer E415 E460i, emulsifier E471. Contains SULPHITE. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 10 days. At low temperatures the product coagulates. To liquefy, please shake vigorously or place in a water bath.

Nutritional values (per 100g): Energy: 733.33 kJ (173.33 kcal), Fat: 

19,33 g which includes unsaturated fatty acids: 15,33 g, Carbohydrates:  0g, includes sugar: 0g, Protein: 0g, Salt: 0.508g.

Food Type: Coconut Milk

Country: Brazil

Importer: Cachina OÜ, Liikuri 16. 13618, Tallinn