YOKI Cornmeal Flakes 500g

YOKI Cornmeal Flakes 500g

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Special corn flakes for couscous, bag 500g. Yoki has a complete line of corn derivatives, with high quality and very tasty products. INGREDIENTS - Corn flour flakes 100% natural.

Preparation note: A steam cooker, the “cuscuzeira”, is required for the preparation. Alternatively, cuscuz can be cooked in a deep plate (cuscuz no prato). An essential part of the typical Brazilian breakfast in the Northeast, cuscuz is served with almost every meal. In some places it is also used as an alternative to bread. The coconut couscous is the sweet version of this recipe, enriched with coconut and sugar. Store cool and dry.

Ingredients: Cornmeal (pre-cooked), Iron and Folic Acid. Made from genetically modified corn. CONTAINS GLUTEN. (Goods naturally gluten-free, processing in production where foods containing gluten are processed.)

Average nutritional values per 100 g/ml, Calorific value: 700 kcal, Calorific value: 2940kJ, Carbohydrates:160g, Protein: 7.6g.

Food Type: Cornmeal Flakes

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