BAUDUCCO Traditional Panettone 400g

BAUDUCCO Traditional Panettone 400g

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Cake specialty with candied fruits, Brazil, pack 400g. The Panettone is an Italian cake specialty made with a fresh, soft and natural sourdough, prepared with candied fruit and raisins.

The BAUDUCCO story begins in 1948 when Carlo Bauducco emigrated from Italy to Brazil and brought the original panettone family recipe along with a valuable piece of sourdough. Today Bauducco is the world's largest manufacturer of panettone.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour preparation (WHEAT flour, iron, folic acid, vitamins B1 B2 niacin), raisins, candied fruits (fruits, sugar), palm fat, yeast, EGG, EGG yolk, BUTTER, BARLEY MALT EXTRACT, salt, flavoring, emulsifier E471, preservative E200 E282. May contain traces of CELERY, NUTS, SOY, SESAME, OAT FLAKES, RYE. Contains sulphites.

 Nutritional Value per 100g, Energy: 322 Kcal (1352 KJ); Fat: 13g, includes saturated fat: 6.4g; Carbohydrates: 45g, includes sugars: 23g; Proteins: 6.2g; Salt: 0.152g

Food Type: Panettone with candied fruits

Country of origin: Colombia

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