Cusqueña Trigo, Peruvian Unfiltered Wheat Beer 330ml

Cusqueña Trigo, Peruvian Unfiltered Wheat Beer 330ml

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The Cusqueña Trigo Beer, is a Lager-type beer, produced by the Union of Peruvian Breweries Backus and Johnston, has a mystical origin: Cusco. The water, the wheat and the love of the Peruvian hand are pillars that form an outstanding product, which has an unbeatable flavour.

It is made with Andrews wheat and selected malted barleys, which give it an unmistakable flavour, consistent and full-bodied, ideal for relaxing and enjoying.

For maximum tasting expression, move the bottle around to awaken its flavour and capture the essence of the wheat. Pairs perfectly with rice dishes, hams and sausages.

Cusqueña Wheat is made with the finest ingredients. The addition of wheat and a special fermentation and non-filtering process produce a beer with an extraordinary flavor, marked aroma with fruity notes and magnificent body.

Consumption tips:
-The Cusqueña Trigo beer must have a special service, as it is a re-fermented beer in the bottle, so it has yeast sediments. Therefore, the entire contents of the bottle should be served in one glass at one time. Avoid serving it in two servings, as the first part will never taste the same as the second. Before emptying the bottle into the glass, when there are approximately 3 fingers of beer left, it is recommended that the bottle be shaken well with the remaining content so that it can be served with all the sediment. The foam when served, should be about three fingers. It's thicker than a Pilsener beer, so it will stand up. Its appearance in the glass will be cloudy, which is a main characteristic of Cusqueña Trigo beer.

Due to its flavour and aroma, and its unique presentation characterised by its bottle carved with the Inca stone of the 12 angles of Cusco, its neck label with the image of Machu Pichu, this beer has achieved innumerable international awards, such as the Superior Taste Awards.

Superior Taste Awards:
(Superior Taste Award) is an award given annually to food and beverages of excellent quality and taste. This award has been granted since 2005 by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), in Brussels, Belgium. It is often considered the "Michelin Guide" for food products.

Cerveza Cusqueña Trigo was once again honoured with two gold stars at the Superior Taste Award 2017.

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