Yoki Raw cassava flour 500g

Yoki Raw cassava flour 500g

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Cassava flour is made from ground cassava root, which is a tuberous root vegetable. To make cassava flour, the cassava or yuca root is peeled, then dried and ground into a flour. Cassava is a shrub native to South America and is most commonly known for making tapioca. And even though it has a mild, slightly nutty taste, it can still be used as an allergy free alternative to all-purpose flour, without altering the flavour. It is the base ingredient of the famous FAROFA.

Ingredients: cassava flour. Store in a dry and cool place.

Nutritional Value per 100g, Energy: 

1.394,6667 kJ (333,3333 kcal); Fat: 0,00g, includes unsaturated fatty acids: 0,00g; Carbohydrates: 83,3333g includes sugar: 0,00g; Protein: 1,6667g; Salt: 0,127g

Food Type: Raw Cassava flour

Country of Origin: Brazil

Distributor: Cachina OÜ, Liikuri 16, 13618. Tallinn.