Polar Malta Venezuela soft drink 355ml

Polar Malta Venezuela soft drink 355ml

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A non-alcoholic malt beverage brewed and bottled in Venezuela by Cervecería Polar (part of Empresas Polar) and in the United States by the Florida Brewery (also known as Maltín Polar). The Polar Maltin is a well-known drink in the Antilles.


water, sugar, barley malt (6%), coloring: caramel (E150c), gasifying C02 and hops. Allergens: GLUTEN

Nutritional Info (per 100g); Energy: 250KJ, Fat: 0g of which Saturated: 0g, Carbohydrates: 12g of which sugars 10g, Protein: 0.5g, Salt: 0.012g.

Food Type: Non alcoholic Malt drink

Country: Colombia

Importer: Cachina OÜ, Liikuri 16. 13618, Tallinn