XATZE Mexican Oregano 20g

XATZE Mexican Oregano 20g

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It is also called mountain oregano, wild oregano and country oregano. In English it is known as Mexican oregano, scented lippia and redbrush lippia; maya: xak'ilche, xaak'che. This shrub, up to 2 meters high, belonging to the Verbenaceae family, can be classified as a cultivated plant and also as a wild one, as it is found both in family orchards and gardens and growing freely among bushes and tropical forests. It is native to the region between the southern United States, Mexico and Central America. Its use as a condiment is so widespread that many food manufacturers use it instead of common oregano (origanum vulgare), so the collection of its leaves is a very important activity for many peasant families in Mexico.

Ingredients: Mexican Oregano - Greek cut. Storage: Store in a dry and cool place.

Food Type: dried herb

Country of origin: Mexico

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