MEXQUISITA Jamaica (Hibiscus) concentrate 700ml

MEXQUISITA Jamaica (Hibiscus) concentrate 700ml

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Jamaican or hibiscus water is a refreshing Mexican drink with a beautiful bright red colour, made from an infusion of the hibiscus flower. It is extremely popular in Mexico and can be bought on almost every street corner. Ideal for restaurants, venues and for home! You could make 12 litres of hibiscus drink from a single bottle.


Hibiscus extract, sugar, citric acid, sodium benzoate.

Nutritional Value, Average nutritional values for 100ml; Energy 929 kJ / 222 kcal Fat 0 g of which saturated fat 0 g Carbohydrates 55.55 g of which sugars 48.88 g Proteins 0 g salt 0 g.

Type of product: Hibiscus concentrate

Importer: Cachina OÜ, Liikuri 16, 13618