SAZON NATURAL Tacos Al Pastor seasoning 100g

SAZON NATURAL Tacos Al Pastor seasoning 100g

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Especial seasoning flavour to prepare and marinate pork. Our “Pastor Seasoning” gives it a special touch to be served in exquisite tacos. This seasoning is perfect to prepare your tacos in a very simple way. Pastor tacos are regarded as the most missed tacos by Mexicans living abroad, and it’s easy to see why. Pastor tacos pack a historic mix of cultures coming together to make the ideal taco in every mouthful. Sazon Natural has created the optimal seasoning to achieve that authentic street taco cart flavor every time customers make their Pastor tacos at home.

Ingredients: Guajillo Chilli powder, Sea Salt, Sesame seeds ground, potato flakes, onion powder,  garlic powder and spices.

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy 200 kcal, Fat 0g - thereof saturated fatty acids 0g- Carbohydrates: 0g - thereof sugar: 0g, Protein: 0g, Salt: 13,5g.

Food type: Tacos al Pastor Seasoning

Country of Origin: Mexico 

Distributor: Cachina OÜ. Liikuri 16, 13618. Tallinn