XATZE Dried Mulato chilli 40g

XATZE Dried Mulato chilli 40g

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Fruity, tobacco and chocolate hotness magic! The Mulato chilli is related to the Poblano chilli and is similar in shape and size to the Ancho chilli. The Mulato chili is ripened until it reaches a rich chocolate color, followed by its harvest and drying process. This process allows its mature flavours to blossom, from cherry-fruity, sweet with a hint of licorice to bold like tobacco and bitter chocolate undertones. This combination of flavours is what makes it perfect for mole sauce once combined with Ancho and Pasilla chilis. Perfect with stews, mole and poultry.

Ingredients: Dried Mulato Chilli peppers. ALLERGENS: Contains no allergens subject to mandatory labeling. Store in a dry place.

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy 332,80 kcal / 1406 kj; Fat 1,48 g thereof saturated fatty acids 0,21 g; Carbohydrates 53 g thereof sugar 1.06g; Protein 22.4; Salt 0.01g.

Food Type: Dried chillis

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