ESNAOLA Sweet Potato Paste 700g

ESNAOLA Sweet Potato Paste 700g

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DULCE DE BATATA, Sweet Potato and Vanilla Sweet, is the richest ingredient to make homemade cupcakes, sweet potato pastries, etc. Dulce De Batata is a traditional dessert from Latin America, made from sweet potatoes. It is like a sweet jelly, similar to a jam but thick due to its solid texture, its color is traditionally dark orange.

Is one of the ingredients of the well-known “Vigilante” dessert, which consists of a portion of cheese and a sweet potato sweet. It is also an ideal sweet to include in both breakfasts and snacks. It can be accompanied by other ingredients in addition to fresh cheese, such as fruits, to make it healthier.

Ingredients: sweet potatoes, glucose syrup, sugar, gelling agents, thickeners, preservatives and acidity regulator.

Origin: Argentina

Product type: Sweet potato paste

Importer: Cachina OÜ, Liikuri 16-21, 13618. Tallinn