MEXQUISITA Horchata 700ml

MEXQUISITA Horchata 700ml

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Horchata, a beverage made with rice as the main ingredient, is the number one drink in Mexico, the perfect choice to enjoy a great variety of meals. The delicious Horchata concentrate gives you the best flavour and the best consistency for a refreshing and unique drink. This ready made Horchata Syrup takes the hassle out of making it from scratch and it is delicious.

To make Agua de Horchata, dissolve one part of this horchata syrup in 4.7 parts of fresh water, add ice and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon and enjoy this refreshing drink. The bottle makes about 4 litres of drink.

Ingredients: Sugar - Rice - Water - Cinnamon - Natural and Artificial Flavour - Xanthan Gum Stabilizer - Steviol Glucosides - Sodium Benzoate. Allergens: Contains MILK. Once opened keep in the fridge.

Nutritional Value per 100ml

+calorific value 311 kcal
+fat 0 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
+Carbohydrates 51.11 g
of which sugar 51.11 g
+protein 2.22 g
+salt 0 mg 

Food Type: Horchata Concentrate syrup

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